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MaddyGTV Advertising

  Whether you are an International Agency looking to buy inventory for you clients, or you are a small regional business looking for an affordable alternative to local TV Advertising, we can help!

  MaddyGTV is watched by over 2 Million Viewers Monthly to whom we run over 500k commercials to. Our video ads can't be 'skipped', are available to be geo-targeted and we offer state of the art tracking so you know who's actually watching! 

Direct Campaigns Start at just $100 / Month!

Your commercial will play in regular rotation at an average of 10,000 - 20,000 per month! Compare that to your Local Television Rates!

Individual Show Sponsorship's and 
Product Placement Deals Available
and More Affordable Than You Think!
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Need A Commercial Produced?

Talk to our expert Production Team about

a professional commercial. Whether it's filmed at your location, or a modern creation like 'white board', animation or slick graphic design, we can offer you an affordable package that starts at just $300