Friday The 13th Part 3 in 3D

Region  0   |   English   |  Drama  Directed by Steve Miner

  "Friday the 13th Part 3" hasn't been seen in 3D since the 1982 Theatrical release. Later released to home video in an anglyphic (red/blue) version, but not Real 3D. 

  One brilliant fan realized that the DVD version contained the 'Left Eye' and the Blu-ray contained the 'Right-Eye', and thru a painstaking process, combined the two, to return the film to it's Theatrical 'Real 3D' format. 

  Previously only available online, this Blu-ray was created from that source file, and is presented to be studied and enjoyed by 3D enthusiasts and fans alike. 


NOW ON 3D Blu-ray
Side-by-Side Format

Finally available in True 3D
for your 3DTV or 3D Projector.

Blu-ray in Side-by-Side Format
Requires 3D Blu-ray and
applicable 3D Glasses.

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