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Happiness Masters of Indie Collection

Region  0   |   English   |  Drama  Directed by Todd Solondz

  The film was highly controversial for its heavy sexual themes, particularly its portrayal of pedophilia. The Sundance Film Festival refused to accept the film, alleging it to be too disagreeable. October Films was the initial distributor for the film and even helped financed it. However, October Films' owner Seagram refused to release the movie and dropped it from the company. Good Machine ended up releasing the movie on their own, but would be acquired in 2002 by Universal, who did not want the film in it’s catalog.

  The MaddyGTV Masters of Indie Collection is proud to offer “Happiness” in it’s original, Uncut, Uncensored format. 


DVD and Blu-ray
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Because this film is Banned
in many countries, 
International Shipping
May be Limited. 

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