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Inked in Erie  (2013)

20 min   |   English   |  Tattoo Reality

Created by Paul Gorman

  Showcases and celebrates the region’s very best Tattoo Artists with a candid and inside look at the process of Tattoo art, the Artists that create it, what inspires them, and the clients who crave the ‘perfect tattoo’.  

  Filmed inside the best Tattoo parlors in the region with in depth interviews, amazing footage of actual tattoos and the stories and motivation behind those who get “Inked in Erie”.

Inked in Erie 3D Special Edition Blu-Ray
Just $14.98

   Filmed in Real 3D, this 3D Blu-ray is stunning with it's incredible depth and eye popping 'pop outs'. You've never seen Tattoo's quite like this.

  Directed by award winning 3D Filmmaker

Paul Gorman. ("Blood of Ohma", "WISP 3D"). 

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2 DISC DVD Special Edition

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