Ken Park The Lost Film of Larry Clark

Region  0   |   English   |  Drama  Directed by Larry Clark

  It's all star indie cast made the shocking and graphic portrayals of of sub culture and the families involved seem all that more shocking, it couldn't help "Ken Park" get distribution. 

  Though the film played such festivals as Toronto and Telluride in the fall of 2002, it's non commercial content made it sit on the shelf for years, even being banned in Australia, which made finding a U.S. Distributor near impossible. 

  MaddyGTV is proud to offer "Ken Park" in it's original, Uncut and Uncensored format. 




The complete, uncensored
film from Larry Clark.
Available on Blu-ray for $14.98
or DVD for $9.98
  As this film is banned in many countries, International Shipping may not be available to all areas.  

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