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Maddy Burger  (2017)

89 min   |  English   | Adult Cartoon

Directed by Paul Gorman 

Starring Marie Madison

  After a six year vacation, the gang at Maddy Burger return to their politically incorrect and socially irresponsible way of running the world's worst burger joint.

  With cutting sarcasm, filthy mouths and satirical wit, the gang tackle subjects that range from sexuality to immigration that's always wrong, but oh so funny. 

We're sorry, the DVD is Now Out of Print.

All Purchases or Rentals for Digital Downloads or DVD's are considered
a donation to MaddyGTV for the
production of Series Two of
"Maddy Burger". 
Your DVD / Download / Rentals are  considered a 'Perk' / Reward for your donation. We appreciate your support. 
Digital Downloads / Rentals  are Available Immediately.
DVD is NTSC All Regions, and Ships
World Wide! You only pay Shipping.
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